2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang Pricing Released

Although the 2016 Ford GT350/GT350R Mustang are very limited produced, and many of us will not order the 2016 model year model, it is still interesting to see their pricing.


The GT350 starts at $47,870, and the GT350R (with carbon-fiber wheels, Michelin high-performance tires etc.) costs you another $13,500. Here is the detailed information:

Model Code Description Invoice with Holdback MSRP
Shelby GT350 P8J Shelby GT350 Fastback $44,160 $47,870
Destination and Delivery $825 $825
900A Equipment Group 900A N/C N/C
920A Equipment Group 920A (GT350R) $12,049 $13,500
L59 Gas Guzzler Tax $1,300 $1,300
67T Technology Package (900A) $6,694 $7,500
60T Track Package (900A) $5,801 $6,500
67S Electronics Package (920A) $2,678 $3,000
94B Painted Black Roof (900A, 920A) $621 $695
47S Over-the-top Racing Stripe (900A, 920A) $424 $475
PH3 Triple Yellow Tri-Coat Paint (900A, 920A) $442 $496
21S Car Cover $335 $375

Whether you are going to order the GT350 or not, please enjoy the following gallery.



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