Breaking: 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat Is Coming

Are you impressed with the 707hp 2015 Dodge Challenger/Charger SRT Hellcat? Do you want a SUV with similar output? Now Jeep is going to help you with that.


According to our Chrysler insider, the company’s engineering team is working revising the 6.2L supercharged V8 engine, to make it suitable to sit inside the Grand Cherokee’s engine compartment. The project progress suggests an official debut in mid or late-2016 as the 2017 model.

Because FCA wants to use the nameplate of “SRT” solely for the Dodge brand, the future SRT/SRT Hellcat version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee may bear a new name called “Grand Cherokee Trackhawk”.

The final production version of the Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat (or Trackhawk Hellcat, anyway) may not come with the same 707hp output as the Challenger/Charger counterpart does. This is because of technical concerns of how to mate the high torque output to the SUV’s 4WD system (this is not a problem for Challenger/Charger SRT Hellcat because those cars are RWD only). Therefore, do not expect the Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat will have more than 700hp; however our Chrylser insider told us the team is trying as hard as possible to bring the output as close to the “700” mark as possible.

A side note: the 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT will see a small horsepower jump, the naturally aspirated 6.4L HEMI V8 is said to output 475hp (5hp more than the 2015 model).

We will keep you updated with the latest news of the Grand Cherokee SRT, stay tuned.

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