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Officially Announced: The 2016 Jaguar XF

The current Jaguar XF has been around for 8 years and it has been overdue for a renewal. Today Jaguar finally took the wraps off the all-new second generation XF, starting from the 2016 model year.


Here are the highlights:

75% of the car body architecture are made with aluminum, this is the biggest selling point (currently there is no similar competitor is using so many aluminum for the body-in-white)
– Weight saving benefited from the aluminum material: 132 lbs (RWD) and 265 lbs (AWD)
– Longer wheelbase: 116.5in
– Only two 3.0L supercharged V6 are offered during the initial launch: 340hp/322lb-ft, and 380hp/322 lb-ft
– 8-speed automatic transmission
– Front double wis...

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Hyundai Is Working on Twin-Turbo 3.3L V6 Engine

Talking about turbocharging, currently Hyundai only has several 4-cylinder engines that are using forced induction. However this does not mean the Korean auto maker is not interested in applying turbocharging on larger engines. For example, it has been rumored that Hyundai is working with Blood Type Racing (BTR) to develop a twin-turbo engine based on its 3.3L Lambda V6 mill.


During the 2015 Chicago auto show last month, BTR displayed a Hyundai 3.3L twin-turbo GDi engine, which is currently used on the Genesis Coupe BTR Edition...

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Upcoming Porsche Boxster Spyder May Has 375HP

For the current generation of the Porsche Boxster (981), the highest trim is the Boxster GTS which has a 3.4L flat-6 naturally aspirated engine producing 330HP.


Above image: the last generation Boxster Spyder (2010 model year)

Recently Porsche has confirmed that they have been working on the Spyder trim of the latest Boxster, which is positioned above the GTS trim. While some previous rumors said we will not see a big HP jump in its engine, our source told us yesterday that Porsche may replace the 3.4L engine with the 3.8L one (used in the current Cayman GT4 and 911 S/GTS/GT3 ), and its output will be set to 375HP. Another possibility is the 3...

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Brief Analysis: The GM 3.0L Twin-Turbo Engine on the Cadillac CT6 Flagship

2016 Cadillac CT6 Summary and Highlights

Cadillac is going to debut its brand-new CT6 full-size luxury sedan flagship in the upcoming 2015 NY auto show. Today, information regarding the CT6 is released before the official debut event. The most important news is the all-new 3.0L twin-turbo, and another new 3.6L naturally aspirated engine. In this article, we will first quickly go over the highlights, and then provide a short analysis on this new 3.0L turbo V6 engine.


Above image: the Cadillac CT6 sedan in a teaser video

Highlights about the Cadillac CT6:

– 3...

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All-New 4th-Gen Lexus RX First Teaser Image Released

The 2016 model year of the Lexus RX will be fully redesigned, and it is going to be announced in the upcoming 2015 New York auto show. Today Lexus has published a teaser image and also a short video about the new RX. Below is the teaser image.


It can be seen that with the fastback tail shape, it is very unlikely that the new RX can accommodate the 3rd-row seat, which suggests that it is still a SUV with two rows of seats.

And here is the video.

We will report back the new RX on April 1st, live from the NY auto show.

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