All-New Honda Stepwgn – First Honda Model To Use 1.5L Turbo Engine

Two days ago we have reported the news that the next Civic will use an all-new 1.5L turbocharged engine developed in-house by Honda. However, guess who will be the first one to use this new engine? To your surprise, it is not a sport oriented model; instead it will be a minivan: the 2016 Honda Stepwgn, a mid-size MPV currently sold in Asia markets only.


3 days ago Honda has announced the 5th-gen Stepwgn, which will be equipped with the all-new 1.5L turbocharged VTEC 4-cylinder engine. According to Honda, the turbo engine will provide an horsepower output equivalent to its current 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, and torque rating similar to the current 2.4L engine.

The new Stepwgn will be on sale next month (April 2015). We will follow up for more specs on this 1.5L turbo engine.

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