Jaguar Is Considering F-Pace EV, Direct Compete with Tesla Model X

When talking about electric vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is definitely not a newbie in the market.


In fact, JLR has mastered the latest electric powertrain technologies 5 years ago: back in the 2010 Paris motor show, Jaguar has debuted the C-X75 plug-in concept, which uses 4 electric motors to drive the 4 wheels respectively. The power comes from a battery pack. One very distinct feature of the C-X75 is: the battery pack is charged by two gas turbine engine (something similar to the turboprop engine on airplanes).


Above Image: the Jaguar C-X75 Concept

With Tesla’s success in the past few years, plus the recent news that Porsche is going to produce an EV sports car, it seems big boys in the industry now start to take action and prepare to enter the EV market.

Today our source told us another “secret”: Jaguar is designing the pure electric version of the upcoming F-Pace CUV; Land Rover will also offer a corresponding model too. For these EVs, JLR is aiming at 300 miles of range, and the new models will be announced around 2018.

With Porsche’s intention to rival the Model S, and JLR’s plan to compete with the Model X, it looks like Tesla will be facing a serious situation if it could not provide newer products with extra impressive “wow factors” within the next 3 years.



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