Two Upcoming Performance SUVs: Volvo XC90 Polestar, Audi RS Q7

As the market has gradually recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, with the low oil prices these days, the SUV sector is booming. And the trend is also true for the performance SUV too. Many auto makers have produce their performance oriented SUV with high-output engine. For example the BMW X5M/X6M, Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG/GL63 AMG, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Range Rover Sport SVR, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Now it looks like Audi and Volvo also want to join the competition too.


Volvo XC90 Polestar

Mr. Michael Fleiss, Vice President Powertrain at Volvo Car Group, told media that Volvo has been working on the Polestar version of the latest XC90, and they are planning to introduce the XC90 Polestar as early as next year. The XC90 Polestar will come as two models: one with the D5 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine and another has the 4-cylinder gasoline engine (supercharged + turbocharged) similar to the T6 trim. It is unlikely the diesel version will be sold in US market, so we will probably get the XC90 Polestar gasoline version, which has power output between the T6 trim’s 316hp and the T8’s 400hp.

Besides tweaks to the engine, Volvo Polestar will also strengthen the XC90’s body structure to let it handle the stiffer adjustable sports suspension

Audi RS Q7

The 2016 Audi Q7 will be a completely redesigned, and we have covered some details in our previous article. However, it looks like Audi will not just stop at the normal diesel/gasoline engine models, or even the plug in diesel hybrid version (Q7 E-Tron).

To compete with rivals mentioned at this article’s beginning, Audi is said to be considering the RS high-performance version of the latest Q7. Although this has not been officially confirmed by Audi at this moment, we cannot think of any reason that why Audi NOT doing it.

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