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Porsche EV Model, Will Directly Compete with Tesla Model S

Porsche EV

Yesterday our source gave us some real interesting info which should put Tesla in a serious disadvantage: Porsche is working on an electric sports car, targeting at the Tesla Model S. Below image is the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept (not the EV we are talking about).


The Porsche EV sports car we’re talking about will be smaller than its Panamera. This new model is previously rumored to be called the “Pajun”. Fierce competition in the mid-size luxury sports sedan lets Porsche make the decision that the smaller sedan to be in the form of pure EV only.

Since the Tesla Model S is about the same size as the Porsche Panamera, the new Porsche model will be s...

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British Humor: Toyota RND Concept Is Just a Joke

Toyota RND Is Just A Joke

Two days ago the Toyota UK division posted a mysterious photo indicating a “RND Concept” is coming on its way.

In fact, this is just a joke and the “RND” stands for “Red Nose Day”, which is considered to be a semi-holiday in UK (you can learn more history about this day here). The “RND Concept” is nothing but a Toyota Auris with a red nose.


While it is a good idea for a large corporation to participate in a charity activity, however, the way to market it is a different story...

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BMW 340i Is Coming This July

BMW 340i En Route

We all know the current 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 sedan has 329hp, and the Audi S4 also comes with 333hp, this naturally puts the current BMW 335i into a disadvantaged position when speaking of the engine output, which is “only” rated at 300hp.


We have already reported six months ago that BMW is going to fix this by introducing the 340i model. The 340i will utilize a new-design inline-6 turbocharged engine, code name “B58”, to replace the current N55 engine in the 335i.

Well, today we found out some more info on the BMW 340i:

1. Engine output for the 340i will be: 320hp and 320lb-ft of torque;
2. ZF 8-speed automatic transmission is carried over;

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Porsche Released Special Edition 911 GTS Club Coupe

Introducing The 911 GTS Club Coupe

It may not be a special year for Volkswagen or Porsche, but it does a special year for the Porsche Club of America, which is its 60th year since its establishment.


Of course Porsche won’t miss this opportunity to earn some extra money, therefore it is releasing a special edition of its 911 Carrera model, called the “911 GTS Club Coupe”.

Simply speaking, there is no major mechanical change in this special edition compared to the standard 911 GTS coupe, all changes are in exterior/interior styling and the wheels. The 911 GTS Club Coupe uses the same 3.8L flat-6 engine found in the 911 GTS, produces 430hp...

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Toyota Teased Mysterious RND Concept, Fully Unveiled Jan.26

Today Toyota released a teaser image about its upcoming RND Concept, which is said to be announced next Monday, in the UK.


RND Will Be In Production Ready Form

While the “RND” name is pronounced the same as “R & D” (which commonly stands for “research and development”), this concept is not just a hypothesis – according to the press release, Toyota promises it will be in the production-ready form.

We guess this is the preview for the successor of the legendary Toyota Supra, what is your opinion?

Take a look at the press release for more information.

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First details of new model releas...

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