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This Is How The 2015 Toyota Camry Looks Like in Asia

American Camry vs Asian Camry

In this article we wanted to show you what the 2015 Toyota Camry looks like in Asia vs its American counterpart.

Does this below image look like a Camry to you? If we covered its license plate, most people in the US may have a hard time recognizing that it’s a Toyota Camry. Why?  Because it doesn’t look EXACTLY like the Camry we see here on the street everyday.


This is the 2015 Toyota Camry, which Toyota specially made for the Chinese market. The 2015 model adds LED daytime running light and has a very different exterior styling than the US-spec Camry, which also reflects on the back...

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Jaguar Will Reveal 2015 F-Type R AWD Coupe: LA Auto Show

The Joy of All-Wheel-Drive

When your car’s engine output reaches a certain level, you really need it to be in all-wheel-drive. This is because if the large output is only applied to two wheels and may lose traction because the tires cannot handle the large output. Once that happens, it doesn’t really matter how many hp your powertrain is producing – your car won’t go faster. Therefore, it is wise to divide the output to all four wheels, which lowers the possibility of losing traction, and also guarantees the car still gets enough power to the ground in case any tires start to loose traction.


Supercharged 5.0 V8 Leaves Others In the Dust

The current Jaguar F-Type R coup...

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Tesla Model X delayed, Again?

Model X hopefully not “X’d”

Yesterday,Tesla announced in a letter to shareholders for the 2014 Q3 that the delivery of the Model X will yet AGAIN be pushed back to third quarter of 2015 (see page 4 of the attached letter).


In fact this isn’t the first time, or second time the electric car company delayed the Model X delivery. At the very beginning, they said it will deliver the Model X in 2013, then later postponed to to late 2014, then again the time was moved to early 2015, and today we know the new time is “promised” to be 2015 Q3. We are not sure whether this is the final date. Let’s just hoping that Tesla is not going to “X” this project.

I do not know how other peo...

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2015 Range Rover Gets Updated Diesel V6

The All New 2015 Range Rover & Range Rover Sport

The 2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are the only full size SUV’s on the market that has an all-aluminum-made car body. This is not only state-of-the-art in the SUV sector, but also a very advanced technology in the civilian passenger car industry.

For the 2015 model year, Land Rover has made some enhancements to its diesel engine variants, and also introduced some really awesome electronic features to the whole product line.


Please note that Land Rover does not sell any diesel versions of the 2015 Range Rover or Range Rover Sport in the US market, so US customers will not see the updated diesel V6 mentioned below.

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IIHS Released Crash Test Result for 2015 Acura TLX

2015 Acura TLX Crash Test Results

Since IIHS introduced the small overlap crash test, most Honda/Acura cars perform extremely well, therefore giving people the impression that their vehicles had paid attention to structural rigidity and safety.

This is also true for the completely-new 2015 Acura TLX, which is the successor to the previous Acura TL.

2015 Acura TLX

How Acura Enhanced the TLX

From test results published by IIHS today, we have a rough idea of how Acura has enhanced the TLX’s car body rigidity.  Here is a brief analysis:

1. B-pillar strength has been improved significantly...

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