BMW M235i Renamed, Next-Gen 7-Series Will Get Diesel Model

BMW Will Roll Out the New Engine, July 2016

In our previous article we reported that BMW will make some changes to the 3/4-series. BMW will rename the 35i models to 40i, and also the 28i will become 30i.

This is not JUST a name change because the current N55 6-cylinder engine in the 35i models will be replaced by the newly-designed B58 engine.  The same for the N20 engines in the 28i trims: it will be replaced by the brand-new B48 4-cylinder engine as well. BMW is going to roll out this engine swap starting July 2016 and we can NOT wait.


the new B48 engine



What is the BMW M235i/228i New Name?

Today in the news, this change will also make it to the current 2-series, which means the current M235i will become M240i, and the 228i will be 230i.


Don’t Wait Too Long For the 40i & 30i

But again, if you are considering the 2/3/4-series at this moment, don’t wait! Why you ask? Because, you won’t see the change take place until almost 2 years later. Now that’s a looooong wait.

Also more news for the next-generation 7-series (BMW chassis code: G11/G12): BMW will offer US market a diesel model called the 735d, equipped with the B57D30O0 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine; and of course, the V12 760i will stay with us.


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  • Jay  says:

    WOW! Two years is a very long wait. I agree, no reason to hold out for 30i or the 40i. Just go ahead an make the purchase now.

    Thank you so much for the valuable info!

  • Steve  says:

    You said that the engines are coming out in July 2016? I thought it would be in 2015, as you mentioned in previous articles?

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