Latest BMW M2 News: Will Keep Using N55 Engine

Two weeks ago we heard some updates from our source that the upcoming 2016 M2 will be equipped with a completely new designed S57 engine and it produces around 400hp.

Now it looks like the information is not 100% correct: there is a NEWER update that indicates the M2 will still keep the N55 engine, but it will probably be upgraded with 2 turbochargers (instead one on the standard N55 engine), and the final output will be around 380hp. Below is a rendering of the 2016 BMW M2.


In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the engine is called the S57 or N55, the most important thing is that: it WILL be twin-turbocharged. This will distinguish the M2 from the current M235i and yes, they had us at “turbo-charged.”

If the BMW M2 has 380hp, then it will be just 45hp short of the latest M4 coupe. We estimate the M2 will cost at least $10,000 less than the M4. Are you willing to settle on 45hp less in exchange for $10k? is dedicated to bringing you the best, in depth news & reviews, tech & specs, throughout the auto industry. Love your car? Visit our member center @ and sign up today! 

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