Impression: The 2015 KIA Optima SX Limited

KIA displays a 2015 model year Optima SX Limited trim in the Orange County Auto Show.

The demo car is carrying a MSRP of $35,500, and talking about the interior design and material quality, I must say: it is fantastic! It is becoming a normal that non-luxury brand cars are starting to come with fine stitching and leather wrapped dashboard as standard, on some models it even comes with leather seats as standard too.

See the comparison of the 2015 Optima SXL and the 2015 BMW M4, photos are taken in the same location, with equivalent lighting conditions.

First, this is how the Optima looks like:


Next, the BMW M4:


I cannot say the Optima is better than the BMW M4, because this is a very subjective topic. But from my point of view, talking about material quality and attentions to details, the BMW M4’s interior really has no advantages and nothing to brag about, when compared to the Optima SXL shown above.

Please enjoy the below gallery.

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