Test Drive Review: 2014 Toyota Corolla LE – Part 3 (Interior – Electronic Features)

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2014 Toyota Corolla LE – Part 3 (Interior – Electronic Features)
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For Corolla’s market position and price level, you will not find fancy features in the cabin; but it still meet customer’s expectation for those who are buying this kind of automobile.

Easy-to-read gauges, an audio system with USB input, AC are what you need in a basic car.

It may be a surprise for the consumer that the Corolla LE come with automatic air conditioning as standard, which typically is seen in luxury cars (of course, luxury cars nowadays usually has dual-zone automatic AC).


The audio system has a 6.1-inch touch-screen LCD display. You can see with such setup, the navigation function should be just a software upgrade (or, just simply need to enable the navigation feature in the software). Our test car is the 2014 model, and one more good news for those who are buying the 2015 model year: the navigation system is standard on Corolla LE trim, as well as the premium audio!


One more feature most consumers will like is the backup camera: it is also standard on the Corolla LE; it even comes with the projected path feature!


The transmission shifter has “Sport” mode setting, and the silver color combined with black soft plastic wrapping on the side looks pretty “sporty”:


Most of the cabin are surrounded by hard plastic panels, but the one that besides the audio system are made with synthetic leather-typed materials, its touch feel is similar to the MB-Tex fake leather in most Mercedes-Benz cars without leather package upgrade:


This is the instrumentation cluster, with speedometer, tachometer and fuel level gauge as main display; the steering wheel has audio and Bluetooth hands-free phone controls as standard option. Again, this is what our 2014 model test car has; for the 2015 model year, the Corolla LE trim also comes with Smart Key System (i.e: keyless entry) and push button start as standard. So you see, for the 2015 Corolla LE, it has pretty much the same (or even better) standard features as most entry-level luxury cars (LED headlight, automatic AC, navigation, premium audio, keyless entry, push button start).


Now, with knowing so much “luxury” features are standard on the 2015 Corolla LE, you may better understand why Corolla is always the best-selling car in this sector.


In the next section I will briefly go over the drivetrain.

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