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Mercedes-Benz Released Detailed Info: M178 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8

The Mercedes-Benz M178 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 engine is a completely new design, which will be first used on the upcoming AMG GT.

Below is our hand-picked highlights and comments:

– 510hp @ 6250RPM, 7,200RPM redline; 479 lb-ft of torque between 1,750-4,750 RPM;
– Dry weight: 461 lbs
– Turbos are placed inside of the V-bank
– Direct injection with spray-guided combustion
– Exclusive new in the industry: zirconium alloy clyinder head

For more detailed information please refer to the below official press release...

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Infiniti G37 Will Be Renamed Q40 And Stay Until 2015

Today Infiniti announced that the current G37 sedan will be renamed to Q40, and stay on the market until mid-2015.

Both the Q40 RWD and Q40 AWD will be offered, two packages can be selected:  the Navigation Plus Package and the Moonroof Package.

The development of the current Inifinit G sedan began in 2002, and was debuted back in 2006 as the 2007 model.


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Redesigned Audi Q7 Will See SQ7 Model in 2016

During an interview with automotive industry media, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, board member for technical development of Audi, revealed that the new generation of the Q7 SUV, will receive the S model treatment, which confirms the existence of the SQ7. The SQ7 will be in the market as a 2016 model.

The SQ7 will come with a turbocharged engine. But one special thing for this engine is that, the turbo is not driven by the exhaust gas, but is powered by a small electric motor, which gets energy a compact-size lithium-ion battery. Audi claims by using this technology, they can greatly reduce the turbo lag and improvement throttle response.

The standard version of the new Q7 will b...

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Report: BMW i3 MSRP Announced for Chinese Market

Today, BMW China announced the MSRP for the brand’s electric car: the i3. Below is the pricing data:

Trim MSRP (in RMB)
BMW i3 450,000
BMW i3 with Range Extender 520,000

This translates to USD $72,640 for the base i3 and $83,940 for the i3 with range extender. As mentioned before, please do not be confused by the imported car’s pricing in China, which seems to be much higher than the same one we see in the States. The reason is because the Chinese government is imposing heavy tariff on imported goods, especially for automobiles.


Benefited by the electric power source, which does not has an internal combustion engine (or just with a very small displacement engi...

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Latest BMW M2 Information: Production Timeline Decided

Today we have the latest news regarding the upcoming 2016 BMW M2: start of production will begin in November 2015 for European market, and March 2016 for US market.

There is no more updates for the M2 specifications, and we are sure it will use the N55B30T0 engine. Information in our previous M2 report is still valid at this point.


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