Mazda Plans to Build CX-9 in China

Our Mazda insider told us that, the Japanese auto maker is planning to build the next generation of the CX-9 SUV, in China.

Please do not be confuse that, Mazda will still assemble the CX-9 in Hiroshima, Japan, for other markets in the world, including the US. Currently the plan is to make the CX-9 for Chinese market only. It is the first time that the Mazda CX-9 be build outside of Japan.

Mazda has two factories in China: one is the FAW Mazda Motor, another one is the Chang’an Ford Mazda, both are joint ventures between Chinese auto companies and the Mazda Motor Corporation. The FAW Mazda builds the Mazda5, Mazda6 and Mazda8; Chang’an Ford Mazda is responsible of assembling the Mazda2 and Mazda3.

It has been rumor that the new CX-9 will be using a turbocharged engine. However, there is no any further information available at this moment.


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