Super Fuel-Efficient: the Audi A3 Ultra

Because of the high fuel prices, European customers always get more engine choice for the same car model, than people in the US side.

Recently, Audi has expanded its Ultra trim lineup of the A3 to more models, including the 4-door sedan and the convertible. Two transmissions are available: 6-speed manual, 7-speed S Tronic double-clutch transmission.

The heart of the Ultra trim is its super efficient engines, which includes the 1.4 TFSI gasoline turbo, good for 50mpg (EU standard); and also the 1.6 TDI diesel, which achieves 71.3mpg.


The gasoline engine is rated at 150ps and the diesel counterpart is 110ps. Obviously you need to trade performance with fuel efficiency, you will not go very fast in these cars. For example the gasoline equipped A3, its official 0-62 time is 8.1 seconds. But this is more than enough for people who has no interest at all in being the front-runner at each traffic light.

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