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CH Auto Electric Sports Concept Car – Event

Chinese Auto Maker, CH Auto Exhibits New Concept Car

During the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, Chinese auto maker CH Auto exhibits a new concept car called the “Event”.

The Event has a wheelbase of 104.3 inches, L/W/H are 182.2/81.3/48.4 inches respectively, and it weights around 3,715 lbs.

The Event’s rear wheels are propelled by two electric motors, total max system output is 402hp and 479 lb-ft of torque.

With such powerful electric motor, the Event’s 0-60 time will be within 5 seconds, and maximum speed can reach 124mph. With a full charge the Event’s range is approx. 124 miles.







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BMW To Release 30th Anniversary M5

BMW will start to manufacture a special edition of the M5, called the 30th Anniversary Edition, at July this year.

Here are some details:

– 592hp, 516 lb-ft of torque turbo V8 engine;
– Competition package as standard option;
– Special interior materials/exterior paint options;
– 7-speed DCT;
– Possibly limited production of 300 units.

Below is image of a standard M5, not the speical edition mentioned in this article.


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Subaru Dials Back Engine Oil Change Interval for 2015 Model Year

Currently for all 2014 Subaru vehicles, the car maker recommends changing the engine oil for every 7,500 miles (this is the minimum requirement).

But we have got confirmation from our Subaru source that, the manufacture will reduce the mileage number to 6,000, starting for all 2015 model year Subaru vehicles.

Different from most of other auto makers, Subaru uses horizontally opposed-cylinder engine (called “boxer engine”) in its cars.  This type of engine has low center of gravity, which benefits the car’s handling. But this comes with expense that other V-shaped or I-shaped engine don’t have.

For example, because the cylinders are lying flat in the engine bay, the engin...

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2014 New York Auto Show Live Photos – Nissan

We are publishing live photos taken from the NY auto show. Here is the Nissan section.

Please click at each thumbnail to see the full image.

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Mini Cooper Pickup Truck – The Paceman Adventure

No, the following images are not Photoshopped. It is a real car: the Mini Cooper Paceman Adventure, based on the Paceman S ALL4, and a 184-hp turbo four engine.

Mini claimed this truck is strictly a one-off. But we know, the market talks. Do you remember previously Rolls-Royce said they will NOT consider any SUV models? But look at what Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member in charge of the Rolls-Royce brand, said to media recently: “There are long-term independent studies that say half the world car market – 50 per cent of everything – will be crossovers and SUVs. So it’s our responsibility to look into it. We are seriously analyzing a Rolls-Royce in the SUV area“...

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