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2017 Porsche Cayenne Image Leaked

There are some images showing the next generation of Cayenne’s exteior, on AutoExpress website. From the below images it is clear that the new Cayenne’s style is heavily influenced by the current Macan.


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The Design of the SRT Viper – Some Insider Information

The following information comes from a Chrysler engineer who has been heavily involved in the Dodge SRT Viper’s design process.

During the design phase of the current SRT Viper, Chrysler’s marketing team has evaluated and ranked almost 20 aspects that a supercar buyer would mostly be concerned with, using consumer survey data.

The results are pretty interesting. The top 4 factors that the sample customers put heavy weights on are (in order of voting count):  1. car body styling curve (30%); 2. total curb weight (18%); 3. torsional rigidity of the chassis; 4. engine torque. Surprisingly, zero-to-sixty time and top speed are not the most important parameters...

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2015 BMW M5 30th Year Anniversary Edition with 600hp

Two days ago we told you the news that a special version of the BMW M5 is coming. Today BMW release the official information of this 30th Year Anniversary special edition M5.

– 4.4L turbo V8 engine: 600hp, 516 lb-ft of torque (the first one in this segment to reach the 600hp mark);
– 0-60 time 3.7 seconds;
– MSRP $138,275;
– Only 30 copies are available to US market; You need to dial a speical hotline number (at 1:00pm EDT, 10:00am PDT, on Wednesday, May 21, 2014) to order. The number will be revealed on BMW of North America’s Instagram channel (@BMWUSA) over the five days leading up to May 21, beginning on Saturday, May 17;
– Special exterior and interior appearance as s...

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Chrysler: Plans for the Next 5 Years

As you may have already known, lots of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company news come out today. While most of them promises “new models” comes out at xxxx year. Here are some of the information (plus a little bit insider news) I consider being important.


1. New Town and Country minivan launched at 2016. The new T&C will have 3 seats for the second row (the center one can be removed; also stow and go is available too), makes the minivan an 8-person vehicle; Also a hybrid version will join the lineup, making it the first hybrid car in this segment;

2. New model: Chrylser 100,  both 1.4L turbo and 2...

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Race Engines Might Not Fit Your Daily Driving Cars

We all know race engines means high tech and expensive. Because these engines are only produced in small volume and usually working in high load/high stress circumstances, they usually uses some technologies that are not available in massively produced passenger cars.

One interesting fact is, because the race engine has higher assembly precision standards, there is less energy loss due to frictions between internal moving parts. Therefore, some race engines do have better fuel efficiency when comparing to a similar massively produced passenger car engine.

But some good stuff in race engines may act reversely in cars that are designed for daily driving...

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