Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Will Get Engine Power Boost from Cosworth

Although the Toyota GT86 (sold as the Scion FR-S in US)/Subaru BRZ are constantly praised for its handling and fun factors, one major gripe within their owner circle is their slightly underpowered 4-cylinder engine (code name: 4U-GSE for Toyota and FA20 in Subaru), which “only” provides 200hp and 151 lb-ft of torque.

At this moment, there is no official confirmation from Toyota or Subaru that they will offer a higher output engine for the FR-S/BRZ (maybe they have planned to, but not officially admitted it yet). But FR-S/BRZ fans won’t be disappointed, because today Cosworth, a UK based high-performance automobile engineering company, who is famous as an Formula One race engine supplier (with 176 wins, it is ranked the second behind Ferrari), announced the news that they are supplying a Stage 1 Power Package for the FA20 engine, which can raise the maximum output to be 230bhp (approx. 233 hp).


The hp enhancement ranges from 220bhp to 230bhp (223 – 233 hp), depending on how the package is optioned. This package mainly focus on the exhaust system, below is the official description from Cosworth:

It features two 4″ diagonally cut, branded, double wall tips and an “Y” shaped back muffler/silencer. In combination with the other components, this 304 stainless steel exhaust increases power output to 220bhp. By adding the optional combined overpipe front pipe with its spherical resonator, the new calibration power output is raised further to 225bhp. The black, thermally coated 4-2-1 manifold header option has equal length piping and CNC machined exhaust flanges, which helps to significantly reduce under hood/bonnet temperatures, boosting output with calibration to 230bhp while bringing a 22% weight reduction on the standard manifold.

Also one more good news for folks who want to put this modification on their car: the Cosworth package will NOT void your car’s factory warranty. So now the only pending factor is: how much does this package cost?

There are also some rumors that Cosworth is also working on another two upgraded packages which will boost the FR-S/BRZ output to be 325bhp and 380bhp respectively, but Cosworth refused to talk about this at this moment.

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