2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Still Alive for US Market

Mitsubishi as an automaker is having a hard time recently in the US market. However, do not be confused with the whole Mitsubishi Group. It not only make cars, its business covers many industries such as mining, telecom, electronics, construction, oil/gas, and even real estate, financial institutes, foods/beverages.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is what we are talking about. Today officials from Mitsubishi Motors told medias that they have extended the life of the current Lancer Evolution X, which means we will see the 2015 model year of this fantastic car.


The Lancer Evolution X can be considered a totally different car than the normal Lancer sedans. The car frame is heavily modified to enhance torsional rigidity, and its AWD system has mechanical torque vectoring capability in all of its three differentials (front, center and rear). Although the standard Lancer is based on a FWD platform, the Lancer Evolution X can be considered to be a very serious AWD vehicle.

Currently Mitsubishi has no plan for a redesigned next-generation Lancer Evolution, so probably the 2015 is the last model year for this legendary car. If you want to keep a part of the automobile history as your private collection, now it is the time.


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