Latest News for Next Generation BMW M5

We got some insight about the next generation BMW 5-series, especially the M5, from our BMW insider.

– It will be the first time for a BMW M car, to use a 4-wheel-drive system;
– To offset the extra weight of the AWD system, the new M5 will use more advanced light-weight materials in the construction. The body-in-white will be 176 lbs lighther than the current M5;
– Turbo V8 engine, output will be more than 600 hp.

These news are within our expectation, because previously we know that BMW is bringing the AWD Alpina B6 Gran Coupe to US market (which is unusual because previoulsy BMW never sold any Alpina model in US market if there is already a same M model is for sale); and also there is already a 600 hp special edition M5 for sale later this month.

Below is image of the 30th Year Special Edition of the current M5.


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