Latest BMW M2 Information

Today comes updates to the future BMW M2:

Start of production in late 2015;
Used a N55 based 6 cylinder turbo engine, 365-375 hp

The M2 is a must-do for BMW because Mercedes-Benz will introducing the 367hp W205 C450 next year. Without the M2, currently BMW has no product to compete with the Mercedes rival.

The reason why BMW not take the turbo 4 cylinder engine route for M2 may due to:

1. Larger turbo lag for the 4 cylinder engine to achieve same output;
2. Excessive developement cost to overcome the shortcoming mentioned in #1.

For enhancements made to the “standard” N55 engine to achieve 370hp-level ouput, the following are some speculations:

– Tuning to the ECU to move peak power output from the current 5800 rpm to 6200 rpm;
– Adjustments to the intake/exhaust manifolds;
– Use water-to-air intercoolers for the turbo;
– Even thought the above measures can already boost the output to 370 hp, but if BMW cares about the M-car customers’ feeling and provide more potential in the M2, it is possible the N55 will come with a bigger turbo.

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