BMW Long Wheelbase 3-Series Added xDrive Model

Currently the LWB version of the BMW 3-series (F35) is only offered in China.

Previously the LWB 3-series is rear-wheel-drive only. But news come out recently that BMW is planning to manufacture xDrive LWB 3-series in it Shenyang production plant. Here is one spyshot showing the xDrive 328Li is under testing in public road.


Not only the LWB 3-series will be added the xDrive option, but also the LWB 5-series (also sold in China only) will get this treatment too. This indicates another forward step BMW is making to localize its product line.

For US market, with the X3/5/6 and the future X7 are made in US, it can be expected that BMW will shift more models’ production to US or Mexico for North America markets in the future.

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