Lexus Launched Supercharged LX570 for Middle East Market

Lexus has launched a special edition of the LX570 (called “LX 570 Supercharger“) in the Kuwait market, with the V8 engine supercharged.

The updated V8 engine now makes 450 hp, instead of the naturally aspirated version’s 383 hp. There is no doubt this model will be available in all major middle-east market soon.

While US market has little possibility to get this supercharged LX570, it leaves us an interesting question: will Lexus build a supercharged LS460? We are know for the full size luxury sedan market in US, the LS460 is lacking behind of the engine output. The LS460 “only” has 386 hp, while the BMW 750i makes 445, the Mercedes-Benz S550 makes 449 and the Audi A8 4.0T generates 420hp.






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