Lexus 2.0L turbo engine output confirmed

On last Monday, we are the first media to report the output of the Lexus’ new 2.0L turbo engine used in the NX model, to be around 240hp.

Today this is again confirmed to be true: another report from the Lexus Enthusiast website indicates that, the actual output for the Lexus NX200t will be 237hp.

Also the news reveals that the next Lexus model to receive this new engine will be the IS250 (we guess it will be called IS200t when that day comes). Since it is extremely easy to boost the output of a turbo engine, the version that used on the IS may reach the 250hp mark.

Once the IS receives the turbo engine, the trend will obviously affect the GS and RX models. But Lexus may not offer the turbo-4 version of GS and RX in the US market.


The Lexus NX is starting to appear in the street, here are some photos taken in Toyota’s California headquarters. Sourced from the Lexus Enthusiast website.


A very good comparison between the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4:



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