Hot deal: get $25 gift card by using Discover at Chevron/Texaco

If you possess a Discover credit card, you may want to check your email now.

Discover is running a promotion, which will give you a $25 Chevron & Texaco Promotional Card if you spend a total of $xxx dollars (the amount varies, mine is $300, but someone reports that his email says $200) at Chevron or Texaco gas stations by using the Discover card, before 06/30/2014.


From the email that Discover sent me:

Grab your shades, crank up the tunes and hit the road! Spend a total of $300 or more* with Discover® card at Chevron or Texaco by June 30, 2014 and we’ll send you a $25 Chevron & Texaco Promotional Card.† You don’t need any special coupons or codes—just fill up and go!

$200 threshold is about 12.5% cashback and $300 threshold should be 8.3%.

Note: This promotion is targeted. If you do NOT receive such  an email, that means you are NOT eligible. You may contact with Discover for further information.

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