More details of the 2016 Volvo XC90

Interior: central console has a 9.3-inch vertical touch screen to display information for related functionalities; it also offers Apple’s CarPlay system. Base model’s instrument cluster will has a LCD screen between the gauges; if you select the higher level trim, the entire instrument cluster will be replaced by a 12.3-inch LCD screen, which you can configure to let it display all combinations of driving information you need. Besides this, you can also opt of a HUD.

The third row will be more spacious than the current generation of XC90.

Exterior: new XC90 will be 4 inches longer, but around 220lb lighter than the current XC90 (the below picture is a rendering only, not the actual 2016 XC90).


Engine: only 4 cylinder engines will be used in the new XC90, for both diesel and gasoline. The most powerful one is the gas version, engine displacement is 2 liters. It will be equipped with a turbocharger PLUS another supercharger, which cranks out a total of 302hp and 295lb-ft of torque from this small 2.0-liter 4-pot engine. The addition of the supercharger here improves throttle response and decrease the turbo lag at the same time.


Transmission: the 4 cylinder engine will be paired to an Aisin 8 speed automatic transmission, similar to the Lexus RX350 FSport.

Chassis: control-arm front suspension and multilink for the back. Air suspension option is available (not sure whether the US market will receive this choice). A Haldex AWD system is also available for customers live in the snowbelt region (of course, Volvo will not forbid you to buy an AWD XC90 even if you live in Hawaii).

All designs and technologies are developed solely inside Volvo.

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