What car you may not wish to drive when being T-boned

The IIHS side crash test uses a same object to T-bone the test vehicle, and then measures the distance from the center-line of the driver’s seat to the inner edge of the car’s B-pillar. Therefore, the more distance the better (because of more survival space).

Nowadays most new cars in the market all have this side crash test “distance” greater than 10cm. But as of model year 2014, there are still some cars’ side crash result do not reach the 10cm mark. Here are a list of them (data obtained from IIHS’s website), numbers after the car model means the survival space distance in centimeters:

Toyota Yaris Hatchback  9.5

Volvo XC90  9.5

Mitsubishi Mirage  7.5

Mitsubishi Outlander  7.5

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  7.0

Kia Rio  7.0

Mazda2  5.0

Nissan Versa Sedan  8.5

Nissan Sentra  7.5

Nissan Cube  7.0


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